Just a couple more shots-desu

iOS Deathsmiles currently @ 97% items, 53/55 achievements.


Novice – 499,031,960
Normal – 481,304,439
Hard – 297,422,294 :(
Follett – 137,770,486

iPhone mode scoring is fully dependent upon having the correct equipment (gold drop +4x), followed by milking regular enemies with a weak laser for massive profit. Hard mode survival is, incidentally, much easier with full sets of equipment and unique (or DLC) weapons. Current hiscores on Game Center are close to the billion mark.

That said I’m mostly item grinding and achievement hunting at the moment, trying to complete the last few missing pieces, not really trying for high scores. Apparently the last achievement is total and absolute BS, but we’ll see how that goes…

攻略 data:
“Item List”:/ds/itemlist.html
“Set Bonuses”:/ds/setbonus.html