Psychic battle video

“Psychic battle vid is up”:

Looks like elemental attack and healing spells in the skill list, and an exhaust skill that causes a ton of debuffs on an enemy target.

Some skills in the video and “screenshots here”: look familiar, some not so much:

* Freeze (Ice damage, single enemy)
* Icicle Eden (Heavy ice damage, can target whole group)
* 0°C Body (3 turns of ice shield, looks like the Veil from 7D)
* Elec (Single target Lightning damage)
* Bolt Avenge (Heavy lightning damage, can target whole group)
* Plasma Gel (Single target lightning damage, extra to flying enemies)
* Decoy Mirror (Creates a decoy.)
* Micro Burst (Single target magical damage + cause bleeding)
* Mana Floater (Other allies’ MN consumption zero for the turn, plus act first)
* Concentrate (Next spell’s power increases 2x)
* Cure (Single target life recovery)
* Recover (Cure Paralysis, burn, poison, blindness)
* Resurrection
* Dead Man’s React (For 5 turns, any ally deaths will result in an extra action)
* (EX) Invasion of Darkness (黒のインヴェイジョン Single target massive damage plus complete debuff)

Argh wish I still had my old 7D skill list around for kanji reference, a quick glance at the Samurai skill list and there are a few things that look pretty familiar there as well – Jinka no React pops up but the list flies by a little too quickly.