Now Playing, August 2010

Currently Playing:
* *Hexyz Force* (PSP) – Sunaho Tobe! Sunaho Tobe! ♥ Oh, the game isn’t bad either. It’s not SN: Twin Age, that’s for sure. English voice acting is okay, not bad at all.
* *Burnout Legends* (PSP) – Shoddy graphics, but still incredibly fun. Watching niconico comments on gameplay videos is fun, too. ああああああああ
* *Darkstalkers Chronicle* (PSP) – Uh, I don’t know, it was cheap and I thought I’d give it a try. I find I actually don’t like most of the character designs so I’m mostly playing as Morrigan/Lilith, whose design I actually don’t like that much either. Feels dated. The game itself has Vampire Savior underpinnings so technically it plays just fine.

Thinking about playing:
* A PS3, Lumines Supernova, Burnout Paradise, FF13, FF9, Scott Pilgrim, Valkyria Chronicles 1 (PS3) + 2 (PSP)
* Argh, I’ve got HDMI, what am I waiting for? Oh yeah, I’m poor this month from moving across the country and buying a 24″ monitor.

Waiting for:
* “Phantasy Star Portable 2″:

Listening to:
* “Anamanaguchi”

awash in pixels

bought a 24″ widescreen hdmi monitor. was going to use it for a ps3, but decided to wait a little before splurging on the console/bluray player/whatever.

pixels!!! so many pixels. it’s beautiful. what do i do with all these pixels?