Tokyo Movie #2, Destroyer art, and more

Newly uploaded, contents: delicious BGM and a glance at the city, quest counter, equipment shop, and a few other things.

“Famitsu, as always, seems to have some stuff that hasn’t been posted on the main site”:, namely art of Miya, Ceron, and two characters in Destroyer garb.

7D 2020 Download Edition

“Short newspost today.”:

Download version will be available for 5600 JPY (73.70 USD). Of course, it doesn’t come with any preorder bonuses.

Also, a clarification that the Murakumo Special Edition, if preordered, will indeed come with the preorder bonus.

Android DFK/Galuda2

“DFK for Android”:

“Espgaluda II for Android”:

Regionlocked and running atop GMO cruft. Still want D:

Nutritional value

Not satisfied with moe-ifying bags of rice, bottled drinks, canned bread, and other ordinary everyday consumables, Japan’s industrious entrepreneurs have moved on to the next big thing: “moe multivitamins and herbal supplements”:

The world may be doomed.

Android roundup, October 2011

I’m still out of space on my Nexus so not really planning to install these!

* “Moe Punch: Max out those accelerometers!”:
* “Here’s a company”: that seems to specialize in voices, particularly female voices telling _stories_. My curiosity is certainly piqued but perhaps not enough to invest in something like this!
* “Cave is rereleasing some shooters for Android”:, though it looks more like they’re rereleasing Espgaluda II again…with new music though. They’re releasing first in Korea an Japan so no news for the rest of the world yet. Also, they’re “partnering with GMO”:, I’m really not sure if that’s a good idea or not. I suppose it doesn’t matter since GMO regionlocks goddamn everything to begin with anyway.
* Need some Japanese voices for your Android? There’s always “Aquestalk”:
* You’ve almost certainly heard about “iris”: by now. I have nothing to add to the conversation.

Ok, enough of that for now.

Trickster video

Official trickster video released yesterday.

As previously mentioned, they wield guns and knives, and specialize in massive speed and inflicting status ailments on enemies.

Some rather silly light-hearted EX special attacks in these videos lately.

Edit: Forgot to post this earlier, but Famitsu posted some stuff earlier in the month which wasn’t posted to the official page, including “more artwork”: of the “Trickster”: “Article here”:

Frowaro update

Update has a few new videos this week, and a pretty good selection of music this time around!

First, the new promo video

_This time…let’s see you drive them into extinction!_

Official spelling is now apparently “frowaro”; this is the first time I’ve seen it spelled out in English letters. Video has some nice music, fancy animation, plays through the short version of 7th Heaven and some other tracks, plus samples a few of the VAs.

Next up, there’s an updated version of Dragon Chronicle with Miku on the CD face.
I predict rapid extinction of the preorder bonuses. Guess I should get my order in soon, too…

Finally, a short runthrough of some dungeon scenery…

Love the music. Also noted, the ol’ Flowaro meter is back, and now looks more techie and less flowery/artsy like the old one. There’s a “200 Dragons left” counter in the lower right as well.

“Information page”: has also been updated to reflect all of the above, and you can now see a sample picture of the LE box at the bottom of the page.

Paislash (Pieslash?)

I don’t typically link to these kinds of games, as I think they’re sort of a cesspool of shit programming and uninteresting gameplay with shoddy graphics meant to appeal to perverted Japanese men.

That said, the proverbial blob of primordial goo that is the _bouncing oppai genre_ (only on Android) appears to have mutated into some vaguely Fruit Ninja-esque … dare I call it a game?

But words do not do this game justice. Observe:

You can download the game for free “on Android Market”:

Aeju Murasame x DM Ashura x Quad City DJs

I subbed something very poorly in Japanese.

American baller culture + DDR + Platine Dispositif = ???

If you don’t have niconico, you should still “watch the original video”: It’s … it’s _baller_.


As you may know, I am somewhat of an avid follower of Japanese otaku culture. There are some things about it that amaze me, some things that scare me, and some of it I which find purely fascinating.

“Here, in the latter category, is an application that allows you to pretend that an anime character is calling you on the telephone to wake you up with fake call screen and all”: