Merry Christmas

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, but it’s also been awhile since anything interesting popped up on my RSS feed.

2次元解禁!?おっぱいソムリエ ちょいエロ萌えゲーム


Forbidden 2D?  Oppai Sommelier Super-Ero Game

In this amazing game one endeavors to beat the world rankings for guesstimating breast size of … yes … that’s right, you guessed it — 2D illustrated characters.

The company’s name is apparently “Oppai Sommelier“, which brings to mind the fine literary world of the esteemed wine review, for example this choice paragraph taken from Wine.Woot today:

Helios is the sun god in Greek mythology and the sun plays a vital role in creating great wine.  Grapevines in Napa Valley are blessed with glorious sunny weather from spring flowering through fall harvesting.  These splendid warm days combine with cool moonlit nights to make wines that exhibit an extraordinary complexity.  We often think of our wine as sunshine in a bottle.  Ruby-red color with black cherries and pink peppercorns on the nose, earthy plums and blackberries on the palate with a smooth texture and soft tannins. This wine is 100% Napa Valley Syrah from the Atlas Peak area.

It wouldn’t be that hard to sub in “boobs” for “wine” and “women” for “grapevines”, but I’ll leave that to your imagination. ☆