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whoa, “insert credit”: is coming back!?

this was seriously my favorite news site back in the day, when squaresoft was fuck awesome, and everybody wet their pants over Xenogears and ico and stuff. and before ic, there was thegia, and before thegia, there was and rpgamer.

well maybe it’s just an april fool’s joke, and i’ll believe it when i see it, but hey, this should be good.

Not quite weekly update

“GPara has an article today”: with some new screenshots I don’t recall seeing elsewhere before.

The images look and feel like a 3D update to the last 7D, don’t they?

Of note, the Government Office appears to be at your main base of operations, with a weapons factory that is asking for 300 Fe to produce titanium weapons. Is “Fe” a kind of currency, or some special resource that you’ll have to collect?

Not much else worthy of news lately, wonder if there is less marketing budget this time around, or if they are waiting to reveal more later?

Prequel confirmed for brawl

“Rieko Kodama’s greetings, vol. 1″:

> 今作は、映画スターウォーズシリーズにおけるエピソード4~6の後に、エピソード1~3が作られたような感じだとご理解していただければと思います。
> 前作の続きものということではありませんので、新たに手にとられる方も、特に違和感なくプレイしていただけるかと思います。

I don’t know if this counts as the official weekly update but there is some text from Kodama stating that you should think of the new game as Star Wars Episodes 1-3, since the ending to the original 7th Dragon was pretty definitive and there isn’t much room for a sequel there.

I hope she’s aware that 1-3 were terrible…? Haha.

Should also point out that there are five character portraits on the 7d 2020 site, reload to see them all.

New impression movie is coming Soon™.

Also some text about Miwa Shiro, and about making the game friendlier than the last installment on the DS.

Seventh Dragon 2020

So there’s a new 7th Dragon game coming out.

I’m going to start updating the “Depository”:/dragon again, from time to time.

Still undecided if I’m excited for the game or not, but it’s still early. :)

Update 5/19

“Official site update 5/19″:

2020 AD.
Tokyo in the near future has suddenly been swarmed by a countless number of dragons.
The dragons’ territory is hidden in a swath of Flowaro…

Reads like something out of a kaiju movie doesn’t it? Anyway, more screenshots today, some map screens, some monster screens, and a few backdrops we’ve seen before.

Some screenshots of Shibuya. Of note, again, it is pointed out that flowaro do NOT cause damage if you walk on them.

Then a screenshot, again, of the Tokyo Government Office in Shinjuku. You can see a Murakumo flag flying outside. Apparently this is one of the last holdouts of humanity, and used to be a Murakumo base at some point. Things aren’t looking so great at the moment!

The Office has been threatened by Dragons.
Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the Office?

(But that’s it for now and next update will explain what the Government Office is all about.)

They’re also working on a First Impression Movie which will have chibicharas moving around. Looking forward to it :)

Official site updated! 5/12



*AD 2020. Tokyo. A dragon hunting story (RPG).*

Out of the blue, Earth has been assaulted by dragons.
Opposing the dragons is only Murakumo, a group of espers.
Appearance, job, skill, voice….
Every aspect of your party can be arranged to your liking.
Make a party, and hunt down every last one of the dragons!


* 異能力者 means something like “supernatural ability users” so, “espers” for now
* “すべてのドラゴンを狩り尽くせ” is the slogan from the previous 7D.

Looking forward to the new game.

More news for today:

Screenshots aplenty.

On Twitter, Niinou has mentioned that Flowaro won’t be doing damage anymore — which is great, seeing as the damage tiles were one of the major complaints of the last game.


*7th Dragon 2020* | “”:

*Genre* RPG
*System* Playstation Portable
*Players* 1
*Price* JPY 6279 (“Amazon”: | LE: JPY 8820 (“Amazon”:
(__Limited Edition set includes earphones, 10-sticker set, and front cover for PSP-3000__)
*Release date* -October 27, 2011- *November 23, 2011*
*CERO Rating* TBD
*Development* Imageepoch
*Production / Publisher* Sega Corporation

*Producer*: “Kodama Rieko”:!/phoenix_rie (Phantasy Star, 7th Dragon)
*Direction*: “Niinou Kazuya”:!/Nino_Kazuya (Etrian Odyssey, 7th Dragon, Last Ranker)
*Sound Composer*: “Koshiro Yuzo”: (Etrian Odyssey, Y’s series)
*Character Design*: “Miwa Shirow”:
*Theme Song*: “SeventH-HeaveN – ♪sasakure.UK feat.初音ミク”:

7th Dragon 2020

Imageepoch is working on a new 7D game scheduled for fall, apparently.

* Producer – Kodama Rieko
* Director – Niinou Kazuya
* Sound – Koshiro Yuzo (YES)
* Character designer – Miwa Shirou
* Can alter character appearance AND voice this time around
* Can use the same character appearance with DIFFERENT classes
* It’s not Tokyo without the “requisite schoolgirl”: making an appearance lol
* Expect skills and classes to be significantly different
* Confirmed classes from source: Samurai, Trickster, Destroyer, Psychic, Hacker
* Flowaro is coming back, random encounters are back
* Dragons as symbol (FOE-style) encounters are coming back
* You are a part of the anti-Dragon brigade, Murakumo, in 2020 AD Tokyo

… Sounds OK to me. Except maybe that last part. We’ll see?

I’ll probably be updating as I find out more news.

Source – “Famitsu”:, Siliconera, twitter