This is a personal site reserved for the occasional computer/anime/game wankery that I partake in from time to time. In the past, it was mostly some mix of Touhou, anime, and internet culture, but in recent years as I’ve gotten older the site has shifted drastically over to Android/iPhone apps and shmups.

I used to use this “about” page as a little secret hideout for dating updates exactly at midnight on my birthday, so that textpattern’s listing of the article as “x days ago” was, in fact, the number of days since my last birthday. However, as I reach the end of my twenties, or whatever decade it currently is now after twitter burned to ashes, this has become less interesting of a pursuit — now, it simply seems like some kind of exercise in blatant egomania versus self-flagellation at the appalling thought of adult life.

Looking back on things, I think I’ve been writing shit for the past … fifteen years, maybe.  At least twelve on this blog.  It’s had quite a few homes: first on Tripod, then some random free web servers (NameZero, F2S), then my ISP’s provided webspace, and now on Dreamhost for the last eight years.  I guess that’s a pretty long time.

If you give enough of a shit to want to know who I am, here’s the deal:

  1. I’m a real person, and most likely not a serial killer. I work in healthcare, but you won’t hear anything about that here. However, my schedule can be pretty shitty and so this destroys any hope of regular posts dedicated to any regular kind of topic here.
  2. I play a lot of videogames. I really don’t have the time for this. You can imagine where the rest of my life is going.
  3. I have a particular interest in learning Asian languages, mostly because I thought it would be pretty cool if I could speak at least the Big Three (Chinese/Japanese/Korean). However, I’ve kinda stalled midway through Japanese. Perhaps I’ll get back to working on the others at some point.
  4. Someday I will probably grow up and give up all of these things to pursue a career in charity care for the underserved and/or curing some obscure disease, starting a gigantic nonprofit charity organization in my name and leaving a legacy of greatness so that future generations of young physicians may follow in my footsteps.
  5. Haha, who the fuck am I kidding?

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Pentarou — I wanted to thank you so much for your guides for Deathsmiles iOS. I’ve used it extensively. VERY helpful. Some things I wanted to let you know.

    1) achievement — “A Little Bath Time Chose to stay in Gilverado 5 times with Follett. 20 ” — this is a hidden achievement. Does not appear on the list until you get it, like One Hit Kill and Super Armor (I think).
    2) achievement — “Special Shot Equipped a unique item and changed your shot 5 Doesn’t show up on Game Center Achievement list?” — this has probably been patched. It shows up now.

    Also, I was wondering if you could confirm for me the location of Rose Brooch. This is the only item I’m missing. I’ve cleared Swamp on Hard Mode with Luck Charm and Queen Set (for a total of +250% treasure rate) about 40 times … and it just wont’ show. I’ve even gotten the ultra-rare “Labyrincia Dress” to drop from the car 3 times. But no sighting of Rose Brooch. Is it really in the swamp? Does it drop off of the big ogre-guy mid-level?

  2. Hi and thanks for your comments. I’m glad it’s found some use! I finished the achievements awhile ago, and you’re right – the bath time achievement is indeed hidden. I’ll have to dig up the sheets and fix them–they’re on an older laptop of mine.

    Since I made that list, the JP wiki has updated significantly – as you’ve noticed, items drop from specific monsters (or objects like the car), not just stages. It should in fact be from the cyclops in the swamp stage.

  3. Hello Pentarou,

    Do you still happen to own the secret sound and video files from the original 7th Dragon puzzle thing from the postcard and booklet? I managed to solve it myself but unfortunately dragon.segaonline.jp no longer exists so they cannot be downloaded anymore.

  4. Hello,

    Do you still happen to own the secret sound and video files from the original 7th Dragon puzzle things with the postcard and booklet? I managed to solve them myself, but unfortunately they cannot be downloaded anymore as dragon.segaonline.jp is no longer active and is not archived on archive.org.

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