bq. Perhaps this might all be easier to swallow if the game had competent dialogue or voice acting that didn’t sound like a hammy 80s sitcom set to quadruple speed for maximum squeakiness.

Ouch, burn…

“FF13-2 review @ Joystiq”:http://www.joystiq.com/2012/01/28/final-fantasy-xiii-2-review-fixing-the-past/

Probably will still bite at some point.

DDP Daioujou (Blissful Death)

Looks like Cave is going for the less costly straight port route again, like they did with Mushi. Not clear if this is going to run on the iPad or just the iPhone though.

Too bad, since they attempted the IAP model with Deathsmiles – although I haven’t a clue about the exact numbers, I’d guess that the sky-high cost of IAP coupled with a higher price point for the game itself probably contributed to its failure (relatively speaking). Which is just too bad, because I’d gladly pay more for another iPhone mode with awesome remixed music.

Rayforce iOS

“Taito’s Rayforce is out for iPhone.”:http://tap.taito.com/en/rayforce.html

It’s $11.99. Online impressions seem to suggest that the emulation isn’t all too great.

Complete Guide ebook

The 7D 2020 Complete Guide is “available online as an ebook”:http://bookwalker.jp/pc/detail/e205dd12-45f2-4510-a88b-0658579f8a65/ if you have access to BOOK☆WALKER.

The app for Android is region locked, unfortunately, and the iOS app is only available on the Japanese App Store, so it’s basically a Japan-only thing for now.