Now Playing, February 2011

Neglecting the site again.

* Final Fantasy 13: This one was actually pretty good, wasn’t expecting it to be so good, poor Squeenix.
* Persona 3 Portable: Bought on sale, haven’t completed it. Actually sorta stopped playing it, period. Oozing with style; I love it.
* Space Invaders Infinity Gene – Didn’t transition too well onto the PS3. It’s OK. Couple new stages, new ships.
* Lumines Supernova – Didn’t last long, but was worth the $10 or so I paid for it.

Whoa when did I become one of those people??

Amazon wishlist is growing, too. Never did play through EO3. Golden Sun DS is out. Okamiden, VC3 and PSPo2i are brewing in the pipeline. Then there’s this whole Kinect thing. Hmm.

I think I need a new hobby, games are just too time-consuming.