Current craziness

As usual I’ve decided to drop off the face of the internet due to a variety of reasons.

  • Work stuff.  Always.
  • Skullgirls.  I’ve never played a fighting game seriously before; I picked up a Hori stick on the cheap and have been working on some basic combos and blocking.  It’s kinda fun.  The online community has been nice on PSN.  Not sure how I feel about the internet community though, seems pretty malicious.
  • Random Kemco iOS RPGs. I never played Top Gear or Shadowgate but I’ve been drawn to $0.99 RPGs. They’re tacky. Actually they kinda suck. But they were $0.99. What can I say?
  • Exe-Create‘s Dragons Odyssey Frane, actually an iOS port of Frane III from many years ago. It’s actually pretty terrible. The voice acting is also pretty terrible. I mean people are happy on the internets about having the original Japanese voices, but I’m not sure they’re any better than the English ones.

I am currently neglecting Miku Flick and Mushi Futari; apparently Mushi Futari Black Label is coming out presently.

3DS region lock is depressing, good news: I don’t have money for a 3DS anyway.

Currently waiting for Persona 4 Arena, which I’d be playing entirely for Aigis. And uh, maybe Unchained Blades. Not too interested in picking up new games at the moment, too many work+hobby projects piling up…