Kindle Fire

So we’ve all heard the news by now that Amazon is coming out with a $199 version of the Kindle and dropping prices on the eInk editions.

Consider this: instead of attempting to replace a $230 iPod, I could buy a $200 Kindle Fire *and have room to spare*.

Instead of buying a $499 iPad, I could buy a Kindle Fire *and* an e-Ink Kindle touch.

I don’t know why people are comparing the price to the iPad! Ok so I guess I do. But the fact of the matter is, this is a different class of handhelds: $200 is getting into PSP, 3DS, and iPod range. And fuck those! As a professional user who actually doesn’t have that much time for games, I already know what I’d want, and that’s a motherfucking Kindle.

7″ IPS touchscreen, dual-core OMAP, and custom Android build which will hopefully be rootable, and all of this translates to: if this tablet turns out to be even half decent, Amazon wins the game.

Nook color was pretty decent, but at $250 and without the equivalent ecosystem, it just can’t compete.


Hitogata Happa and presumably the rest of Gundemonium Collection runs on my netbook.

That’s right. *Runs. On. My. Netbook.*


Twitter icons – updated

No real news this week, but the official site has some new twitter icons.

If you like yourself some hatsune mikus then this is certainly the place to get some icongraphy of les hatsunes miku; otherwise there are some more of the usual chibichara suspects available.

!! !!

I would like to see some more gameplay videos!

Gundemonium Collection

“On Steam now for $10.”:

Remixes by DM Ashura of DDR fame, and Woofle (whoever that is). Both are excellent.

Online play, apparently, but I’m too busy getting my ass kicked by Hitogata Happa to care.

Good, good shit.


Dropped my iPod somewhere around work and dear lord WHERE IS IT

Well I guess one of two things will happen, either I will discover that it was somewhere obvious, or else I will never see it again; i don’t know that such things as good samaritans exist in this uncivilised barbaric desert of a place

Bottom line is that unless I pick up an iPhone next year I’m somewhat less likely to be doing anything on iOS for awhile :(


Cristian Molina has “a little blurb about 7D 2020″: over at Mognet Central, a little site I’ve been following for years (since it was called Majoria’s News and linked to from insertcredit).

Nothing new, but always good to see 7D getting a little more PR from someone cool. :)

Android shmupping

Some new ports for Android

“Infinity Gene”: $7.81 USD

“R-Type”: $4.13 USD

Exciting times, but I don’t actually have any free space on my Nexus. And not a fan of touchscreen joysticks for the most part — wonder how well R-Type will play on an Xperia Play?

Keyboard Enhancements

! (Simeji keyboard skin for Android)!

Browsing the custom skins for the Simeji Android IME, I came across this…

I suppose this is one thing the iPhone can’t do!

Diva Mode

“Soundtrack apparently has a ‘Diva’ option which is entirely composed of Hatsune Miku versions of the existing BGM”:

I’d like to hear some samples!

*Slight addendum 9/18*

Looks like the site updated with a partial “list of producers for Diva mode”: – namely,


Not sure how they pulled this one off…