Now Playing, February 2011

Neglecting the site again.

* Final Fantasy 13: This one was actually pretty good, wasn’t expecting it to be so good, poor Squeenix.
* Persona 3 Portable: Bought on sale, haven’t completed it. Actually sorta stopped playing it, period. Oozing with style; I love it.
* Space Invaders Infinity Gene – Didn’t transition too well onto the PS3. It’s OK. Couple new stages, new ships.
* Lumines Supernova – Didn’t last long, but was worth the $10 or so I paid for it.

Whoa when did I become one of those people??

Amazon wishlist is growing, too. Never did play through EO3. Golden Sun DS is out. Okamiden, VC3 and PSPo2i are brewing in the pipeline. Then there’s this whole Kinect thing. Hmm.

I think I need a new hobby, games are just too time-consuming.

Portable 2 disappointment

Leveled up to 83 and then … now I’m actually playing VC2 more than anything else. Didn’t see that one coming! Well I guess I did, but maybe not so soon.

Here’s the problem: ONLINE PLAY SUCKS. Finding a competent group is impossible unless you’re hanging out on IRC or with a group of friends who knows what they’re doing. Communication via onscreen keyboard is terrible.

In Zero this wasn’t as big of a problem because (1) the game was less complicated, (2) you could be effective as a Force with attack/heal/support and singlehandedly run the team, (3) most importantly, Anti revived teammates! Also, (4) none of these bullshit 4-person switches.

The game is still fun. Now if only they would bring over the DLC VC2 outfits and equipment.

Portable 2

PSPo2 is Really. Damn. Good.

Preordered after playing through the English demo. The dub’s voice acting isn’t bad–in fact, I prefer this version of Emilia. I will definitely miss the JP voice options for player characters though.

Just bought VC2 for $25 today, but I already know what I’m _really_ going to be playing for the next month.

Actually decided not to buy US SQ3 since I don’t expect to have the time for it. Oh well.

Now Playing, August 2010

Currently Playing:
* *Hexyz Force* (PSP) – Sunaho Tobe! Sunaho Tobe! ♥ Oh, the game isn’t bad either. It’s not SN: Twin Age, that’s for sure. English voice acting is okay, not bad at all.
* *Burnout Legends* (PSP) – Shoddy graphics, but still incredibly fun. Watching niconico comments on gameplay videos is fun, too. ああああああああ
* *Darkstalkers Chronicle* (PSP) – Uh, I don’t know, it was cheap and I thought I’d give it a try. I find I actually don’t like most of the character designs so I’m mostly playing as Morrigan/Lilith, whose design I actually don’t like that much either. Feels dated. The game itself has Vampire Savior underpinnings so technically it plays just fine.

Thinking about playing:
* A PS3, Lumines Supernova, Burnout Paradise, FF13, FF9, Scott Pilgrim, Valkyria Chronicles 1 (PS3) + 2 (PSP)
* Argh, I’ve got HDMI, what am I waiting for? Oh yeah, I’m poor this month from moving across the country and buying a 24″ monitor.

Waiting for:
* “Phantasy Star Portable 2″:

Listening to:
* “Anamanaguchi”

awash in pixels

bought a 24″ widescreen hdmi monitor. was going to use it for a ps3, but decided to wait a little before splurging on the console/bluray player/whatever.

pixels!!! so many pixels. it’s beautiful. what do i do with all these pixels?


So there’s something I’ve wanted to post on ItL, but very specifically did not want to bring attention to (as it would bump the post up to the top)…

And since this blog is back up and working, I feel like posting it here because I’ve wanted to get it off my chest.

This topic on ItL.


I am Aaron’s sister, and I don’t know where exactly to post this, and I have some difficult things I must say. Aaron, or AppleInject as you know him, got sick quite some time ago. He later began experiencing sharp abdominal aches and pains, but my family all assumed it was part of the flu – we are not terribly rich people and did not take him to a doctor. Aaron was rushed to hospital when he began vomiting blood… but because of our ignorance, we were too late.

Blood loss. Internal bleeding. Ruptured appendix. Aaron passed away in his hospital cot a gut-wrenching 19 hours after he was admitted. I pray that none of you will treat this as an ill-timed joke. Please give Aaron some respect.

I write this here today, weeks after my only brother’s funeral, because of a package that arrived in the mail for him. It contained this game called 世界樹の迷宮III 星海の来訪者, which I am well familiar with because of how much of a fan my brother was of the series. With reluctance, I pulled Aaron’s laptop out and checked his bookmarks and saw this community, by posting I guess I felt I would be doing my brother’s memory a favor and giving myself some sort of closure, I don’t really know. But this feels like the right thing to do.

My brother was a very kind and sharing person, and would never turn down a request for help. While he could be lazy and obnoxious, just like any other guy, but he had a good sense of humor and a strong work ethic when it came down to it. If he were here right now, I’m sure he would laugh and say that his only regret was to not to be able to play this new game. He always stood up for me when I was a little kid, there’s so many little and huge things he did for me that the list would be endless, so I’ll save you all the trouble. Just know that Aaron never did a wrong thing in his life, he never hated anyone, and he never set out to harm anyone.

Rest in peace, dear Aaron.

I don’t know if this is a joke. Well, a quick search on the forums and his last post is here:

I doubt anyone will really mind, but I’ll probably be out for the better part of the week. Had a cold creeping up on me, really hit hard this morning.

I can already tell this one is going to kick and scream all the way until the end. Anyone got any handy remedies that actually work? >_>

As a physician my immediate response is: Fuck. Missed appendicitis and subsequent perf, acute abdomen, fatal.

This kind of story hurts the most because it’s nobody’s fault, and yet it’s everybody’s fault. Everybody makes mistakes, misunderstanding the severity of an illness happens all the time, and yes, it would be unreasonable to expect someone outside of medicine to know the difference between a simple viral enteritis and a fatal appendiceal infection.

And often, people feel a need to minimize their degree of pain in order to avoid being an inconvenience to others.

It’s just that sometimes, this is how it ends.

Rest in peace.


hey everyone,

it’s been awhile. so what happened? well the site died taking ALL of my 7D material along with it. I’m sorry, I did not have any backups, and so it’s gone, completely gone.

so what’s next?

well, me, I’m working and don’t have that much time for the vidya.

but i have the 7d complete guide sitting on my desk. if I ever decide to replay the game (wiping my save data), i’ll think about updating the site again. until then, here’s my placeholder.

for those of you still reading, there’s always the “english 7d wiki”: for all your 7th dragon needs!

wishing you all the best,