Portable 2 disappointment

Leveled up to 83 and then … now I’m actually playing VC2 more than anything else. Didn’t see that one coming! Well I guess I did, but maybe not so soon.

Here’s the problem: ONLINE PLAY SUCKS. Finding a competent group is impossible unless you’re hanging out on IRC or with a group of friends who knows what they’re doing. Communication via onscreen keyboard is terrible.

In Zero this wasn’t as big of a problem because (1) the game was less complicated, (2) you could be effective as a Force with attack/heal/support and singlehandedly run the team, (3) most importantly, Anti revived teammates! Also, (4) none of these bullshit 4-person switches.

The game is still fun. Now if only they would bring over the DLC VC2 outfits and equipment.