A technical yet powerful class. They’re S-ranked in exercise, or something. Skilled at countering and stuff like combination attacks.

For what it’s worth, here’s what I could pick out of the movie.

|Tsurube Mach|鶴瓶マッハ|Moderate damage to a single target, increases D level to 2|
|Quintetta|クインテッタ|(D3) Massive damage to a single target|
|Drill Crawler|ドリルクロウラー|(D3) Massive damage to a single target, life+mana recovery|
|Interception Stance|迎撃スタンス|(Acts first) Moderate damage counter when attacked|
|Interception Stance: Heavy|迎撃スタンス・重式|(Acts first) Heavy damage counter when attacked|
|Fang Bender|牙折る也|Nullify and counter fang attacks. Damage reduction even if skill fails.|
|Claw Breaker|爪砕く也|Nullify and counter claw attacks|
|Breath Splitter|吹裂く也|Nullify and counter breath attacks|
|Alter Fate|凶転ず也|Chance to nullify and counter status effect attacks.|
|Anger Explosion|怒りの重爆|Damage to single enemy, greater when at low health|
|Destroy React|デストロイリアクト|For four turns, increasing D level has a chance of granting an extra turn|
|Near-death Courage|瀕死のド根性|Survive attacks that would have been fatal.|
|Parrying Shield|パリングシールド|Damage reduction for the entire party lasting one turn|
|Skyhigh Meteor|スカイハイメテオ|Extreme damage to entire party maximum D level effect|

Although seriously, is that a Gespenst Kick?