Android dreaming

For the Android user with money to burn. It’s rare to find overseas apps that aren’t region-locked to Japan…

* “Touhou Clock”: – now available outside of Japan, with recorded voices! Except I don’t really want to spend so much on an alarm clock… *¥600* (about $7.48)
* “Training with Hinako”: and “Sleeping with Hinako”: – Expensive, but apparently full videos of the -indie film classic- fanservice fiesta. Gigantic, so I probably can’t fit it on my Nexus One. Also, expensive for an app, although I suppose it’s reasonable. *¥525* (about $6.55), *¥945* (about $11.78)
* “Moetan for Android”: – I bought the iOS version and immediately regretted it, considering that it’s essentially just a quiz book at this point. Falling love!! *¥450* (about $5.61)

…Maybe I’ll try hopping on wifi next time I’m in the country and downloading some apps.