Seasonal update

Down the rabbit hole…

  • Persona 4 Arena (PS3)!  I decided that I liked Aigis, the character, enough to try to learn Aigis, the fighting game character, and have been training hard to become non-shitty at the game. So far, I’ve managed to climb the ranks to a PSR in the mid-200s, which actually is probably pretty bad, but the game is fun, so I’d say I’m getting my $60’s worth.
  • Chrono Trigger (iOS):  After watching a Japanese let’s-play on niconico, I thought I’d swap my iPhone over to Japanese language and pay the Squeenix tax for some nostalgia.
    • I’d conclude that Ted Woolsey is the man who made Chrono Trigger the phenomenon that it was.  The game is good, sure, but it’s not the same without Woolsey’s translation.
  • Miku Flick/02 (iOS):  I haven’t been posting about this very much, but I did buy the game and all the DLC packs.  I’m irritated that the leaderboards are swamped with cheaters, but it’s pretty obvious who’s genuine and who’s not, and let’s face it, I’m using the game to work on my Japanese sight-reading skills and to enjoy some Vocaloid songs.  I’m currently sitting at #30 on the global total leaderboards (including cheaters) but this is probably mostly because I bought the DLC packs; my position for initial songs is closer to #100.  I don’t have any top-10 scores this time around, but this is because there are no livetune songs in the initial packs.  I’ll be shooting for the S-rank on livetune’s Yellow eventually.
  • Petit Rock Shooter (iOS): Uh, it’s Angry Birds with incredibly expensive DLC. Fun, mind you, but no way am I buying into this DLC stuff…actually I’m sorta angry about this; it’s just a giant cash-in.  You know what would be amazing?  Scorched Earth with BRS characters.

Incidentally, I didn’t buy Mushi Futari’s Black Label release because the price and DLC cost was … underwhelming.  I spent that money on buying music albums from Amazon/iTunes instead.

…Meanwhile, I’m waiting for Torchlight 2 to be released on Mac, but I don’t have time for it right now — priorities, priorities!

Also there hasn’t been much interesting Android/iPhone stuff lately to post about.  There was a game where you roll the phone to swing a hula hoop around random illustrated characters, but most everything else has been uninteresting, uninspired tile puzzle, block-kuzushi, random-pantyshot type crapola.  I swear, I should get involved in the Android shitware business, I could make better and more hilarious games than these fuckers.