Half-year plan

Items on the agenda for this little site:

1. *7th Dragon 2020*. I’m not sure what I want to do yet — or rather, I’m not sure how involved I want to be, but at least I enjoyed the first game enough, I think it didn’t get enough attention, and it definitely didn’t get a localization! — and I feel like showing a little bit of support. So I’ll try to translate what bits and pieces I can and drum up a little interest. I note, however, that so far it doesn’t seem to be gathering as much interest as its DS precursor did. For now, all this means is that I’ll keep updating the depository with stuff semi-faithfully as more info comes along.
2. *Minor side projects*. TBD. I’ve been working on my Japanese a little bit, and I always need motivation to keep going. Playing a lengthy text-filled RPG is probably not going to cut it. I’ve been doing a little work with kdingo and perhaps we’ll keep the Mirakuru Fansubs name alive for a little longer.
3. *Site reorganization*. This is a maybe, depending on how much time I feel like devoting – I don’t feel that there is enough content on the site to warrant a full-scale reorganization.

Real Life does tend to take precedence, however, and I do plan on doing a lot of traveling, studying, seeing, and learning this year.

I do plan on continuing my little videogame and anime habit, but it’s just a question of how much more focused it has to be. Hanging out on yon internets and in IRC is a pretty surefire way to lose your concentration in six different directions simultaneously, and there’s no way I can make room for everything that I want to do all at once, and still develop my IRL career path and tackle research projects as I would like to.

As for recent habits, I’ve lately been enjoying XSeed’s English port of Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls on PS3, Okamiden on the DS, and oddly enough, I have taken to watching the Oreimo anime, which sounded initially like a premise full of ridiculous but turned out to be a delivery mechanism for an infusion of fuckwin.

Anyway, guess we’ll see how far I get with the above. It’s best to start small, right?