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Picked up an iPhone 4S at subsidized price, with a company discount on the contract.

Unfortunately work restricts which devices can connect to the in-house secure wifi and via Citrix to the work applications. Although official Android support is planned, chances are I’ll be long gone before it’s properly implemented.

So two years with an iPhone it is.

I love that everything I had on Android syncs flawlessly with the equivalent apps on the iPhone, and if I feel like switching back to Android or WinPhone later, the option will always be there.

Also, huge plus: Mushihime on the phone. It’s all good

DDP Daioujou (Blissful Death)

Looks like Cave is going for the less costly straight port route again, like they did with Mushi. Not clear if this is going to run on the iPad or just the iPhone though.

Too bad, since they attempted the IAP model with Deathsmiles – although I haven’t a clue about the exact numbers, I’d guess that the sky-high cost of IAP coupled with a higher price point for the game itself probably contributed to its failure (relatively speaking). Which is just too bad, because I’d gladly pay more for another iPhone mode with awesome remixed music.


This week’s mobile technological breakthrough straight from Japan

“ChiraShot for Android”:

Take photos of girls dancing with ChiraRhythm!

 # # Content # #
1. The absolute area of ​​the girl photographed dancing hard.
2. Moment three times.
3. You can go to the next stage if the total purchase amount exceeds the standards of the photo.
4. The image is displayed on the screen before the game starts, the higher is the best shot. Let this aim.

Oh, there’s even a “video”:

Cave Holiday Sale

“Cave is having an iOS sale right now”: – something they rarely do

Espgaluda II $5.99
Espgaluda II HD $10.99
Dodonpachi Resurrection $5.99
Mushihimesama Bug Panic $0.99
Deathsmiles $6.99

Android stuff still only available in Japan and Korea and running on GMO’s “G-Gee” crap.

Assorted shmuppage

* Mushi iOS fuck yeah! Arcade (“Hell”) mode is insane and a painful reminder of how much I suck at shooters. Also, lower price point ♥
* I’m so tempted to pick up an iPhone just so I can take the game on the road with me. But the Galaxy Nexus is $150 on Amazon…
* Gundemonium Recollection “added some Christmas colors to the mix”:
* “Satazius”: now on Steam for $6. Not picking this one up – too many shmups, too little time.

But what I’m really playing right now is “Privateer”: which is $3 along with the rest of the old Wing Commander games on GOG.

Dragon no Meikyuu

ドラゴンの迷宮 – Dragon no Meikyuu (Labyrinth of Dragons)

By Sting (the guys behind Riviera, Yggdra Union, and Hexyz Force) and built for Android running on top of the GREE social network.


“Android Market”:

I love Sting’s work, but tell me that isn’t just a straight up EO clone with dragons and in-game purchases tossed in…

Cave news

Mushi iOS – release date for Japan on 12/15. If you check the end of the video seems they may be working on Futari as well.

Deathsmiles iOS soundtrack limited sale from 12/23 to 12/25 (sigh, y u do this cave)

See also: “Cave Shop”:


And now, a breakthrough in the field of _moe_ 萌 gaming.

“Smack☆Holic ~moe moe Meiko~”:

That’s right, for the low low price of 100円, you can physically abuse your own virtual maid, complete with voice acting. Earn additional costumes and equipment by fulfilling certain goals!

A sign of the coming apocalypse, surely!