Kindle Fire

So we’ve all heard the news by now that Amazon is coming out with a $199 version of the Kindle and dropping prices on the eInk editions.

Consider this: instead of attempting to replace a $230 iPod, I could buy a $200 Kindle Fire *and have room to spare*.

Instead of buying a $499 iPad, I could buy a Kindle Fire *and* an e-Ink Kindle touch.

I don’t know why people are comparing the price to the iPad! Ok so I guess I do. But the fact of the matter is, this is a different class of handhelds: $200 is getting into PSP, 3DS, and iPod range. And fuck those! As a professional user who actually doesn’t have that much time for games, I already know what I’d want, and that’s a motherfucking Kindle.

7″ IPS touchscreen, dual-core OMAP, and custom Android build which will hopefully be rootable, and all of this translates to: if this tablet turns out to be even half decent, Amazon wins the game.

Nook color was pretty decent, but at $250 and without the equivalent ecosystem, it just can’t compete.

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