Random encounters

“6/2 Weekly update”:http://jrpg.jp/news/?nid=113

Notes from this week’s post

* Random encounters like before
* Large Dragon symbols, similar to previous installment
* Chibichara attacks, now in 3D!


* Battle result screen is showing a character design I don’t think we’ve seen before
* Item drops: Nanomedica, “iron gigamouse”?. Instead of cash, there are “materials” of 0 Et, 0 Me, and 13 Cb … which looks awfully like periodic table element abbreviations, but I don’t believe there is an Et or a Cb…
* Gather materials and bring them back to base to strengthen your party, sounds like the old system from 7D and EO (loot = money + unlocks weapons, though no specific confirmation)
* Video coming Soon™ – 6/9 now
* Chara creation details coming soon

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