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GundeadliGne opening theme remix by DM Ashura

There is only one comment on Nico as of right now which I find hilarious:


“Theme of not being able to find other people in Coop mode” D:

Well there’s only 115 in game right now at this very moment (during what I presume are peak USA times), I’d bet there aren’t many JP players playing.

Gundemonium Collection

“On Steam now for $10.”:

Remixes by DM Ashura of DDR fame, and Woofle (whoever that is). Both are excellent.

Online play, apparently, but I’m too busy getting my ass kicked by Hitogata Happa to care.

Good, good shit.

Android shmupping

Some new ports for Android

“Infinity Gene”: $7.81 USD

“R-Type”: $4.13 USD

Exciting times, but I don’t actually have any free space on my Nexus. And not a fan of touchscreen joysticks for the most part — wonder how well R-Type will play on an Xperia Play?

Sekiranun Graffiti

Sekiran-un Graffiti (積乱雲グラフィティ) by ryo (supercell) is “available on the US Amazon MP3 store for $5″:

Kinda catchy. The B-side is pretty decent, too.

Deathsmiles iOS v1.0.3

DS 1.03 update

* Lock shot freeze bug fixed
* Scroll bar response bug fixed?
* Rain boots fixed (just tested this on the old version, i think it was giving +3x instead of +1x … not certain, though)
* Minor item corrections

Downloading now, we’ll see.


Deathsmiles iOS *iPhone / Hard*: 412,931,447 (#32 of 5,167)

Made it close to the end of Gorge then ran into some bullets and died ;(

Debating if I should skip Gorge entirely since I’m bound to gameover to the boss at the end of the stage without a decent stock of bombs.

Maybe I should try actually practicing the stage…

Pokemon Tap


By The Pokemon Company. Regionlocked. Not personally interested but it’s always nice to see apps from major companies popping up on Android Market.

Interestingly there is a second app, “ポケモン映画プレイバック・ザ・ヒストリ(Pokemon Movie Playback The History)”:, which, while not a game, is not region-locked.

Actually now I’m starting to wonder if I should have bought an Android tablet while I was in Japan, since I could still link it to the US account and theoretically purchase Japanese apps. But uh … yeah.

Steins;Gate iOS port

Not too much interest in visual novels here, but apparently an “iOS port of Steins;Gate is due out later this month”:

3000JPY non-universal app for either iPhone or iPad, text heavy-game translates very directly to prohibitive cost for an iPhone app (1 USD = 76.5 JPY) and zero chance of localization, so definitely not picking this one up myself.

Personally waiting on Amazon tablet, I think. Although sadly the region locking is actually, seriously, making me wonder if an iPad wouldn’t be a better idea.



Of course the last hidden achievement had to be something this ridiculous.

*Deathsmiles iOS*
“miniguide”:/stg/ds-iphone-miniguide | “itemlist”:/ds/itemlist.html | “achievements”:/ds/achievements.html | “set bonuses”:/ds/setbonus.html | “jigsaw puzzle”:/ds/jigsaw.png