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Sorry, don’t have time to translate this week. Haven’t actually looked at these yet either. This week’s news and a little bit of last week’s:

* “Character creation”: video. (“Famitsu article”:
* “Information on Samurai”: and a video.
* There’s actually a brief blurb on the Psychic and some character art in “this Famitsu article from last week”:
* Seventh Heaven “Miku”: fanart.

sasakure.UK ft. 初音ミク – SeventH-HeaveN

Aand it’s up.

“sasakure.UK ft. 初音ミク – SeventH-HeaveN”:

Official update also mentions a bunch of merchandise being sold at Comiket 80 – “″:


Well I suppose it IS Tokyo in the year 2020…they’d better have lifesize Miku running around the city by then…as a pop idol she can win over the gigantic -Zentraedi- Dragons with the power of song or something

ミクさんかわゆい( ゚∀゚ )

Curiouser and curiouser (7/28)

Back in the States.

A “nice photo of the preorder bonus”: is now on the official site. And it looks super nice, just like the last Dragon Chronicle book did. (Similarly, my wallet looks super empty.)

Apparently there is another Famitsu article this week. Alas, again, I do not have access to Famitsu so I have no idea what is being reported.

That said, 2ch reports that sasakure.UK will be producing the theme song, which will be performed by Hatsune Miku. There’s also this image here, indicating that Miku herself will be in the game.


The theme song should be available for listening on the official site by tomorrow.

“Making of” movie

This week’s update is a “behind the scenes take”: on the first impression movie.

Haha these guys are too much.

Anyway what’s interesting about this is the BGM — at one point, a modernized sounding version of the dragon battle theme from 7D plays in the background.

Until next time I guess.

I’ll be out of town next week, so there may be some delays with updating the site.

Preorder bonus?

Amazon appears to be listing a limited edition 7D 2020 package with a 16p color booklet appropriately titled “Dragon Chronicle 2020″ and special soundtrack CD, similar to the limited edition package for the original 7D.


Famitsu article

“Slightly abbreviated Famitsu Online article”: More details available in the 7/21 issue of Famitsu.


* Three members in a party
* No restriction on classes
* Weapon held by the chibi-charas will vary based on occupation

* Can learn single and multi target attack katana skills, thus
* Priority on attack power vs. area of effect is up to the player
* Allocate skill points on level up to your liking.
* “Screenshot”: shows a skill that causes status resistance to drop.

Voice actor list (Weekly update 7/7)

“So that’s where the advertising budget went…”:
Some pretty high-powered names here:

“Atsushi Abe”:
“Akira Ishida”:
“Hisao Egawa”:
“Nobuhiku Okamoto”:
“Daisuke Ono”:
“Takaya Kuroda”:
“Takahiro Sakurai”:
“Hiro Shimono”:
“Tomokazu Sugita”:
“Ryouta Takeuchi”:
“Kazuya Nakai”:
“Yuuichi Nakamura”:yuichi
“Jun Fukuyama”:
“Shinichiro Miki”:

“Emiri Katou”:
“Houko Kuwashima”:
“Rina Satou”:
“Miyuki Sawashiro”:
“Ayana Taketatsu”:
“Rie Tanaka”:
“Yukari Tamura”:
“Minori Chihara”:
“Megumi Toyoguchi”:
“Aki Toyosaki”:
“Youko Hikasa”:
“Yui Horie”:
“Nana Mizuki”:
“Aoi Yuki”:


Trickle down

News has been coming slowly lately…

Sounds like “next major update will be coming courtesy of Famitsu”:!/phoenix_rie/status/88246092789071872. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the magazine, so let’s hope something pops up onto Famitsu’s official website.

6/30: Greetings from Niinou Kazuya

This week’s update is entitled “Greetings from Niinou Kazuya”:

In brief, he discusses the switchover to 3D and how they’re targeting a “PS1″ style of sorts, from the days when 3D was brand new to the world. Compare and contrast to the first installment, which was built around an SNES-styled world. That said, he doesn’t just want it to be retro–they are aiming for a game that players can enjoy. (No specifics–just says they’re working hard on it.)

He further adds that there are a lot of things he can’t talk about right now (Shirou’s art, Koshiro’s new style, the voice acting), but he hopes that you will take an interest in such a unique game.