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Cave news

Mushi iOS – release date for Japan on 12/15. If you check the end of the video seems they may be working on Futari as well.

Deathsmiles iOS soundtrack limited sale from 12/23 to 12/25 (sigh, y u do this cave)

See also: “Cave Shop”:

Espgaluda II HD (iPad)

Remarkably, I’ve recently been given an iPad.

Since I lost my iPod I was, of course, more than happy to open it up.

And of course the first app I purchased was Espgaluda II HD.

It’s actually harder than the iPhone version because you now have to sweep your hand across the screen to move, whereas before it was possible to dodge gigantic swarms of bullets with relatively small movements.

Backgrounds are upscaled, but the sprites are completely redrawn. I’m somewhat indifferent about the new remixed music – honestly I have to confess I enjoyed Hyadain’s remix for Dodonpachi a bit more.

Nevertheless I’m looking forward to more Cave goodness in the near future.


I don’t care how fleeting a moment this is, but it appears that “I’ve momentarily captured the #1 non-Japanese spot on the Gundeadligne Steam online rankings”: Missed TLB on this run, but managed to squeak out a 1-ALL. Whoa! I’m #1 in something that nobody else is playing!

It’s a pretty crappy score and I didn’t get the TLB. Guess what, I don’t care :)



So gundeadligne on steam is actually a lot of fun, and there aren’t enough non-Japanese dudes on the hiscore board, and you should play it

Notable videos

* Here’s “FenixStryk’s Novice 1cc”:
* Soundtrack samples: “1″: | “2″: | “3″: | “4″: | “5″:

$10 for the trio ain’t bad, especially with the remixed soundtracks. I’ve been spending a lot more time on Ligne over Recollection lately, it’s much more friendly in terms of playing for score.

Android DFK/Galuda2

“DFK for Android”:

“Espgaluda II for Android”:

Regionlocked and running atop GMO cruft. Still want D:

Paislash (Pieslash?)

I don’t typically link to these kinds of games, as I think they’re sort of a cesspool of shit programming and uninteresting gameplay with shoddy graphics meant to appeal to perverted Japanese men.

That said, the proverbial blob of primordial goo that is the _bouncing oppai genre_ (only on Android) appears to have mutated into some vaguely Fruit Ninja-esque … dare I call it a game?

But words do not do this game justice. Observe:

You can download the game for free “on Android Market”:

Aeju Murasame x DM Ashura x Quad City DJs

I subbed something very poorly in Japanese.

American baller culture + DDR + Platine Dispositif = ???

If you don’t have niconico, you should still “watch the original video”: It’s … it’s _baller_.