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Apparently it’s time for a large Miku update

PV showing off some of the new Diva version music. Not bad. One character at 0:53 looks suspiciously like “Aitel”:, I’m guessing they threw that in as a nod to old 7D players

“Chibi Chara Quest Miku-ified”: – music occasionally plays Miku version now

I believe the “Information”: page has also changed slightly but not sure where or how.

Twitter icons – updated

No real news this week, but the official site has some new twitter icons.

If you like yourself some hatsune mikus then this is certainly the place to get some icongraphy of les hatsunes miku; otherwise there are some more of the usual chibichara suspects available.

!! !!

I would like to see some more gameplay videos!


Cristian Molina has “a little blurb about 7D 2020″: over at Mognet Central, a little site I’ve been following for years (since it was called Majoria’s News and linked to from insertcredit).

Nothing new, but always good to see 7D getting a little more PR from someone cool. :)

Diva Mode

“Soundtrack apparently has a ‘Diva’ option which is entirely composed of Hatsune Miku versions of the existing BGM”:

I’d like to hear some samples!

*Slight addendum 9/18*

Looks like the site updated with a partial “list of producers for Diva mode”: – namely,


Not sure how they pulled this one off…

Chibi-chara quest

Wouldn’t be a 7D game without some chibichara action on the website, I guess!


Apparently you pick a class, then you fight it out with some dragons on yon twitters for exp. No idea if there is any bonus at the end yet. LOL twitterspam. Website is crawling atm

Also, “have some photos of TGS merchandise”:

New video, and release date postponed

“Release date pushed back to 11/23″: :(

This week’s video – a brief shot of the party management screen.

Notable points include the ability to class change at level 30. Equipment seems to revert to the basic equipment for the new class, too.

Really getting a _Persona_ vibe from this game. Not that that’s a bad thing!



A technical yet powerful class. They’re S-ranked in exercise, or something. Skilled at countering and stuff like combination attacks.

For what it’s worth, here’s what I could pick out of the movie.

|Tsurube Mach|鶴瓶マッハ|Moderate damage to a single target, increases D level to 2|
|Quintetta|クインテッタ|(D3) Massive damage to a single target|
|Drill Crawler|ドリルクロウラー|(D3) Massive damage to a single target, life+mana recovery|
|Interception Stance|迎撃スタンス|(Acts first) Moderate damage counter when attacked|
|Interception Stance: Heavy|迎撃スタンス・重式|(Acts first) Heavy damage counter when attacked|
|Fang Bender|牙折る也|Nullify and counter fang attacks. Damage reduction even if skill fails.|
|Claw Breaker|爪砕く也|Nullify and counter claw attacks|
|Breath Splitter|吹裂く也|Nullify and counter breath attacks|
|Alter Fate|凶転ず也|Chance to nullify and counter status effect attacks.|
|Anger Explosion|怒りの重爆|Damage to single enemy, greater when at low health|
|Destroy React|デストロイリアクト|For four turns, increasing D level has a chance of granting an extra turn|
|Near-death Courage|瀕死のド根性|Survive attacks that would have been fatal.|
|Parrying Shield|パリングシールド|Damage reduction for the entire party lasting one turn|
|Skyhigh Meteor|スカイハイメテオ|Extreme damage to entire party maximum D level effect|

Although seriously, is that a Gespenst Kick?

Skill Leveling

This week’s update is just a video with some allocation of skill points. Note the remixed version of the victory fanfare that plays in the background.

Also note that skills are no longer fixed units, and instead require points. Probably makes more sense this way as the old skills were all fixed to 5 or 10 levels in the Etrian Odyssey style, and there wasn’t much difference between, for example, Lv 6 and Lv 7 Zeppa-uchi.

Psychic battle video

“Psychic battle vid is up”:

Looks like elemental attack and healing spells in the skill list, and an exhaust skill that causes a ton of debuffs on an enemy target.

Some skills in the video and “screenshots here”: look familiar, some not so much:

* Freeze (Ice damage, single enemy)
* Icicle Eden (Heavy ice damage, can target whole group)
* 0°C Body (3 turns of ice shield, looks like the Veil from 7D)
* Elec (Single target Lightning damage)
* Bolt Avenge (Heavy lightning damage, can target whole group)
* Plasma Gel (Single target lightning damage, extra to flying enemies)
* Decoy Mirror (Creates a decoy.)
* Micro Burst (Single target magical damage + cause bleeding)
* Mana Floater (Other allies’ MN consumption zero for the turn, plus act first)
* Concentrate (Next spell’s power increases 2x)
* Cure (Single target life recovery)
* Recover (Cure Paralysis, burn, poison, blindness)
* Resurrection
* Dead Man’s React (For 5 turns, any ally deaths will result in an extra action)
* (EX) Invasion of Darkness (黒のインヴェイジョン Single target massive damage plus complete debuff)

Argh wish I still had my old 7D skill list around for kanji reference, a quick glance at the Samurai skill list and there are a few things that look pretty familiar there as well – Jinka no React pops up but the list flies by a little too quickly.