And now, a breakthrough in the field of _moe_ 萌 gaming.

“Smack☆Holic ~moe moe Meiko~”:

That’s right, for the low low price of 100円, you can physically abuse your own virtual maid, complete with voice acting. Earn additional costumes and equipment by fulfilling certain goals!

A sign of the coming apocalypse, surely!



So gundeadligne on steam is actually a lot of fun, and there aren’t enough non-Japanese dudes on the hiscore board, and you should play it

Notable videos

* Here’s “FenixStryk’s Novice 1cc”:
* Soundtrack samples: “1″: | “2″: | “3″: | “4″: | “5″:

$10 for the trio ain’t bad, especially with the remixed soundtracks. I’ve been spending a lot more time on Ligne over Recollection lately, it’s much more friendly in terms of playing for score.

Store-unique preorder bonuses

“Look at those bloody preorder bonuses”:, I mean seriously LOOK AT THEM

“Sega’s official listing page over here”:, smaller shots though

I ordered from amiami but I didn’t order one of the packages with their special toshocard (didn’t look that appealing). But one of these other ones…

Opening Movie

How many movies with the same song and reused animations can you have?

Well here’s one more, the opening movie to the game. Hopefully the last one.

Hm … the text is nice, but feels a little subdued I think.

There should be another update coming on Friday, hopefully with more interesting stuff!