Chibi-chara quest

Wouldn’t be a 7D game without some chibichara action on the website, I guess!


Apparently you pick a class, then you fight it out with some dragons on yon twitters for exp. No idea if there is any bonus at the end yet. LOL twitterspam. Website is crawling atm

Also, “have some photos of TGS merchandise”:

Sekiranun Graffiti

Sekiran-un Graffiti (積乱雲グラフィティ) by ryo (supercell) is “available on the US Amazon MP3 store for $5″:

Kinda catchy. The B-side is pretty decent, too.

New video, and release date postponed

“Release date pushed back to 11/23″: :(

This week’s video – a brief shot of the party management screen.

Notable points include the ability to class change at level 30. Equipment seems to revert to the basic equipment for the new class, too.

Really getting a _Persona_ vibe from this game. Not that that’s a bad thing!