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Store-unique preorder bonuses

“Look at those bloody preorder bonuses”:, I mean seriously LOOK AT THEM

“Sega’s official listing page over here”:, smaller shots though

I ordered from amiami but I didn’t order one of the packages with their special toshocard (didn’t look that appealing). But one of these other ones…

Opening Movie

How many movies with the same song and reused animations can you have?

Well here’s one more, the opening movie to the game. Hopefully the last one.

Hm … the text is nice, but feels a little subdued I think.

There should be another update coming on Friday, hopefully with more interesting stuff!

Trickster video

Official trickster video released yesterday.

As previously mentioned, they wield guns and knives, and specialize in massive speed and inflicting status ailments on enemies.

Some rather silly light-hearted EX special attacks in these videos lately.

Edit: Forgot to post this earlier, but Famitsu posted some stuff earlier in the month which wasn’t posted to the official page, including “more artwork”: of the “Trickster”: “Article here”:

Frowaro update

Update has a few new videos this week, and a pretty good selection of music this time around!

First, the new promo video

_This time…let’s see you drive them into extinction!_

Official spelling is now apparently “frowaro”; this is the first time I’ve seen it spelled out in English letters. Video has some nice music, fancy animation, plays through the short version of 7th Heaven and some other tracks, plus samples a few of the VAs.

Next up, there’s an updated version of Dragon Chronicle with Miku on the CD face.
I predict rapid extinction of the preorder bonuses. Guess I should get my order in soon, too…

Finally, a short runthrough of some dungeon scenery…

Love the music. Also noted, the ol’ Flowaro meter is back, and now looks more techie and less flowery/artsy like the old one. There’s a “200 Dragons left” counter in the lower right as well.

“Information page”: has also been updated to reflect all of the above, and you can now see a sample picture of the LE box at the bottom of the page.


Apparently it’s time for a large Miku update

PV showing off some of the new Diva version music. Not bad. One character at 0:53 looks suspiciously like “Aitel”:, I’m guessing they threw that in as a nod to old 7D players

“Chibi Chara Quest Miku-ified”: – music occasionally plays Miku version now

I believe the “Information”: page has also changed slightly but not sure where or how.