Cave update

Happened to be awake, so I just hopped on the Cave ustream to see … uh … MasaKING in a maid costume. Also:

* Update coming in about 3 hours with puzzle, costumes (palette swaps?), and DLC items, bug fixes and some new options (screen rotate, move screen area to right/left)
* DLC items cost about $3 to $4 apiece :/
* Mushihimesama weapon looks pretty powerful but only seems to affect shot, not laser/lock
* Bug Panic OST announced
* Espgaluda 2 HD version in development fuck yeah
* “Castle Creator” social game in development, i expect this will probably flop internationally

And LOL afterschool storybook time ft. Asahina Mikuru and Ika-musume :roll:

“English Cave World blog post is here.”:

Translator ended the Ustream session with “we try to translate to the full extent of the jam” or something like that, good to hear that our translator is a gigantic shmup dork too.

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