6/30: Greetings from Niinou Kazuya

This week’s update is entitled “Greetings from Niinou Kazuya”:http://jrpg.jp/voice/?vid=69.

In brief, he discusses the switchover to 3D and how they’re targeting a “PS1″ style of sorts, from the days when 3D was brand new to the world. Compare and contrast to the first installment, which was built around an SNES-styled world. That said, he doesn’t just want it to be retro–they are aiming for a game that players can enjoy. (No specifics–just says they’re working hard on it.)

He further adds that there are a lot of things he can’t talk about right now (Shirou’s art, Koshiro’s new style, the voice acting), but he hopes that you will take an interest in such a unique game.

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