Weekly Update 6/23

Computer overheated, laptop is on its last legs D:

But it’s back up and running for now, so it’s weekly update time!

“Music update this week from Yuzo Koshiro”:http://jrpg.jp/voice/?vid=68.

When starting the composition work for 7D 2020, Niinou had a few ideas in mind.

Though the game is a sequel, because of the huge leap from 2D to 3D and from DS to PSP, he feels the music should make a similar jump. So along with the change from the world of Eden to that of AD 2020 Tokyo, Koshiro is going to have a more upbeat, techno soundtrack.

* It won’t be an orchestral +/- ethnic styled soundtrack like last time
* Things to avoid: touchy-feely music, lively upbeat playing style.
* They’re aiming for music more suitable for a club, with a ‘speed’ and ‘solid’ style (OK now it sounds like they’re just tossing out random music jargon.)

So essentially Koshiro is approaching this as an entirely new project, starting all over with a more urban style. Now it’s time for more music jargon: stylish with bits of hardcore, dub, and a taste of underground (_with a bouquet of cherries, charcoal, and moist underwear?_). Koshiro feels that this matches the intimidating environment of the dragon-infested game world.

But having said all that, there will also be a number of arranged tracks based on the original 7D music, so players of the last work will be able to feel the connection to the current game.

Finally, the update mentions the mystery question marks re: “theme song”:http://pent.semilunar.org/dragon/theme-song, and it seems that we’ll be seeing more info about both the music and the theme song in the next few updates.

Anyway I’m OK with all that. I really enjoyed the orchestral stuff last time (the two end-boss themes were incredible), but isn’t this essentially *Streets of Rage 2 x 7th Dragon*? And doesn’t that translate directly into *fuck yeah*?

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