NPC introduction

“Weekly update 6/16″:

Starts with some stuff about character creation – same as before, no new news. You create your own party, this time any appearance can be matched with any job and (new to the series) any set of voices. And, some new screenshots. Take note that the screenshots are development versions and may not be consistent with the final products.

Some NPC introductions and character portraits:

*Hikasa Natsume*
The president of Murakumo–the only organization capable of mounting a counteroffensive against the Dragons. She has devoted herself to development of the organization, and serves as a guide to the protagonist and the members of Murakumo.

*Kirino Ayafumi*
A young man who works as Natsume’s aide. Although he lacks the special powers that the members of Murakumo have, he has remarkable talent as a scientist. He provides invaluable aid to Murakumo through his role in the study of Dragons.

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