Impression Movie

The 6/9 official site update includes mostly old screenshots from the last two weeks, but also has an impression movie:

Transition to 3D seems a little odd at first, but I’m hoping the gameplay movies will be more impressive.

But hey, English subtitles!!!

“A.D. 2020.”


ドラゴン来襲。 (Dragon invasion.)
“Dragons came out of nowhere.”

“Human was defeated.”

残された最後の希望 (Our remaining, final hope)
“There is an only hope.”

異能力者(ムラクモ) (Espers [read: Murakumo])
“People called them Murakumo.”

それは、ドラゴンを狩る物語(RPG) (This is the Dragon Hunting RPG:)
“Hunt all dragons, or die.”

7th Dragon 2020

And the staff as previously listed.

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