Official site updated! 5/12



*AD 2020. Tokyo. A dragon hunting story (RPG).*

Out of the blue, Earth has been assaulted by dragons.
Opposing the dragons is only Murakumo, a group of espers.
Appearance, job, skill, voice….
Every aspect of your party can be arranged to your liking.
Make a party, and hunt down every last one of the dragons!


* 異能力者 means something like “supernatural ability users” so, “espers” for now
* “すべてのドラゴンを狩り尽くせ” is the slogan from the previous 7D.

Looking forward to the new game.

More news for today:

Screenshots aplenty.

On Twitter, Niinou has mentioned that Flowaro won’t be doing damage anymore — which is great, seeing as the damage tiles were one of the major complaints of the last game.

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